Glam Doll


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100% 3D Mink Lashes


100% Cotton band.

Up to 15-25 wears with proper care.

Perfect finish to: Night look.

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  • The perfect lash for a fluttery look. This flare eye design adds just the right amount of length and volume that gradually increases from the inner eye to outer edge. The fine mink hairs focuses their length on the center of the band to deliver a wide-eyed, rounded flirty look.

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  • Let your eyes do the talking in Irresistible. Designed to provide an effortlessly fierce, look that will instantly step up your lash game.

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  • Mink Eyelashes Luxor $22.00

    Lets get glam! This long and voluminous lash is perfect for an eye opening seductive look.  Very lightweight and comfortable with 100% cotton band for comfort and flexablity.

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  • Take speaking with the eyes to another level.Entice them with ’Tease’. Designed to create a delicate flirty look with a thick base and mega long strands that wisp out in between the shorter hairs . Achieve the best sparkling eye game ever!

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  • Nia,Nia,Nia! This Yhasi Girl screams nothing but sophisticated.  Sleek and on point. Nia has been cut into a chic sharp bob.This unit is a full lace unit so part her anyway you love. She's perfect for the grown and confident women.
    We have included flexible combs and an elastic band for easy wear. This unit is perfect for anyday .

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  • Enjoy a style that is completely natural and sleek.  This lustrous texture is for those who desire a silky and flowing look. This is the best choice for an amazingly sharp bob or blunt cut. The Cashmere will provide a lot of body and movement making any style easy, breezy and beautiful.

  • Do you desire voluminous, pillow soft curls ? Defined without all of the effort? Then this is the perfect hair for you! The Glamorous Curl possesses the ability to be styled in numerous ways while maintaining its natural curl pattern. A favorite among our clients, this medium lustrous texture can achieve any big hair style you seek. Curl it or wave it, you’ll have tons of fun with it.

  • Are you looking for beautiful natural waves? Then you’re going to love EXQUISITE wave because it’s the best choice for sultry beach waves. Its S shaped pattern provides the perfect amount of body and shine, no oil sheen needed. Lightweight and soft, it straightens effortlessly. The EXQUISITE wave’s smooth tousled texture can be colored and curled seamlessly, giving any look a flawless finish.

About Yhasi Luxury Hair

We are dedicated to making every client feel beautiful, fabulous, and chic. We provide top quality 100% virgin hairs. None of our extensions have been chemically processed. Our supreme customer service is devoted to meeting each client’s expectation and providing you with the highest level of service.


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